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The annual Lakehead Open was held on November 25th and all the Isshinryu competitors did very well.

Photo's to follow

Yellow Stripe

Kadie Borody - Chitora Dojo - 2nd in Kata, 1st in Fighting 

Yellow Belt

 Brock Borody - Chitora Dojo -4th in Kata, 2nd in Fighting

Orange Belt

Billie Findlay - Chitora Dojo - 3rd in Kata, 2nd in Fighting

Green Belt

Austan Whitehurst - Kokoro Dojo - 3rd in Weapons

Purple Belt

Amanda Findlay - Chitora Dojo - 2nd in Kata

Brown Belt

Hayley Tennier - Kokoro Dojo - 1st in Fighting, 2nd in Kata